20/2 Soft Spun Muga Silk (#41-024)

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Quality: 41-024
Content: 100% Muga Silk
Construction: 20/2 Soft Spun
Units: Skeins vary in size, but are generally 75+ grams
Metres/kilo: 10000
Yards/pound: 4960
Suggested sett: 22
Knitting: fingering weight - needle size 2 - 2.5mm; maching knitting
Country of Origin: India

Price: $21.60/100g (= $10.80/50g)

Muga is the Empress of all silks. It comes only from the Assam region of India, and is rare and beautiful. It has an otherworldly soft, gold colour. This yarn is soft spun, which gives it loft and softness. It appears to be much thicker than a regular 20/2, but it's just the loftiness that gives this impression. Because of this, expect your work to be softer, lighter and springier.

This yarn comes in skeins that are 75+ grams. The skeins are wound in their country of origin, and vary in size, so please send your requirements on this form. We will contact you to fill your order. The price you pay will be based on the actual weight of the skein(s). This yarn is not available on cones, or in smaller skeins.