Fine Kibiso (#19-001)

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Quality: 19-001
Content: 100% Silk
Construction: Fine Kibiso
Metres/kg: 4600
Yards/lb: 2285
Suggested epi: Not recommended for warp
Knitting: stiff laceweight; use big needles, as this yarn is very stiff
Country of origin: Japan

Price:  $17.00 for 100g (= $8.50 per 50g)

"Kibiso" is the first silk that comes off the cocoons in industrial silk spinning. As the sericin-laden floss is being pulled off the cocoon, it is barely twisted and put on drums. From there it is wound into skeins of amazingly stiff, crunchy yarn. You wouldn't want to wear this yarn next to your skin. But if you're looking for something with tremendous body for 3D or sculptural pieces, this yarn has Attitude! The skeins vary in size, but are generally about 100g. Please contact us using the form below to let us know your requirements and we'll come as close as we can with the skeins we have. 

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