Japanese Metallics (#24-001)

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Quality: 24-001
Content: Synthetic
Construction: very fine strips of metallic film
Units: Set of 3 bobbins, each wound with 5g of yarn
Metres per kilo: approximately 80,000 m/kg
Yards per pound: approximately 39.700 yd/lb
Suggested epi: not recommended for warp
Knitting: knit together with another yarn
Country of origin: Japan

Price: $22.50 for a set of 3: Gold, Silver and Dark Copper

We get a bit swoony over yarns like this. Although they can be quite blingy, we tend to use them in a more restrained way. Throw a shot of it every few inches in your weaving. Knit it into your mohair confection. But having said that, we've woven it solidly into the weft and the results are gorgeous - this yarn is so fine it will never give you too much of a Liberace look. A bobbin has lots or yarn - about 400m, we're estimating. And the colours are exceptionally subtle when they're this fine.