SALE! - Tussah Silk "Highlights" 30/1 (40-003)

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Quality: 40-003
Content: 100% Tussah Silk "Highlights"
Construction: 30/1
Units: 100g skeins (approx); skein sizes vary
Metres/kg: 30000
Yards/lb: 14900
Suggested epi: not recommended for warp
Knitting: cobweb weight: suggested needle size 2.0mm or smaller; Machine knitting
Country of origin: India

Price: $25.50/100g. (=$12.75/50g.)
SALE! 20% off this yarn. The price of $10.20 is based on 50g, but most of the skeins are closer to 100g. (Sale price $20.40)
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Tussah cocoons have the distinction of having several colours of silk in one cocoon. This yarn takes stunning advantage of this by combinbing the "regular" golden tan colour we usually associate with tussah with the brown colour found in the pedencal stem of the cocoon (see 40-007). When you knit or weave with this yarn, you'll be charmed by the variations in colour.

This yarn comes in approximately 100g skeins. The skeins are wound in their country of origin, and vary in size, so please send your requirements on this form. We will contact you to fill your order. The price you pay will be based on the actual weight of the skein(s). This yarn is not available on cones, or in smaller skeins.