SALE! - Wool Overtwist - 100g cones (#25-015)

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Quality: 25-015
Content: 100% Wool
Construction: Superfine Overtwist
M/Kg.: Unknown - really fine
Yds/Lb.: See above
Suggested epi: warping with overtwist is not for the faint of heart... Sett should be loose enough to give it some room to untwist
Knitting: Egad, we can't quite imagine knitting this...
Country of Origin: Japan

Price: SALE! 50% off! Regular price $21/cone. Now on sale for $10.50/cone
Comes on small cones, approx 100g on each cone.
This yarn does not come in skeins.

Overtwist yarns are great fun to play with. Although they can be very challenging to warp with (but not impossible), using this yarn in the weft is a no-brainer. Sett your work quite loose, and after wet finishing the fabric will have a lovely crinkly texture. Be sure your warp yarns are fairly fine - the overtwist of this yarn only has so much strength. In the photos of this yarn, there is one that shows the twist - although we don't have the specs of how many twists it has per metre, it has a nice twisty bounce when exposed to steam or warm water.