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  • 100% Wool Gauze Fabric by Sanjo Silk
  • 100% Wool Gauze Fabric by Sanjo Silk
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Wool Gauze Fabric (18-001)

Product: 18-001
Fabric: 100% Wool Gauze
Width: 34"/88cm.
Country of origin: Japan

Price: $19.00 per metre
(in the shopping cart below, '1' represents one metre; we sell this fabric in full metres)

You're right, this fabric isn't silk! But it's so spectacular, we're breaking our "silk only" rule. The loose weave of this cloth makes it perfect for resisted fulling. When you wash it with agitation and hot water, it collapses into the most glorious pleats and creases. It's also superb just as it is, plain, dyed or painted. The undyed colour is creamy ivory. Sanjo Silk is the exclusive distributor of this fabric in North America.

If you're ordering more than 10 metres of fabric in total (one fabric, or a combination of more than one fabric), please contact us directly on this form.

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