100% Silk "Straw Gima" (#23-028)

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Quality: 23-028
Content: 100% Silk
Construction: Novelty
M/Kg.: Unknown; approx 5000
Yds/Lb: Unknown; approx 2500
Recommended sett: not recommended as only warp; consider mixing with other yarns
Knitting: 4mm needles or larger to result in open, loose knitting
Country of Origin: Japan

Price: $19.25 per 50g skein
This yarn is not available on cones

We call this yarn "Straw Gima". It has a moderately stiff, crumply texture that is wonderful for dimensional work. The colour is subtly beige-y, giving it a very "raw" look. But don't be fooled - it's a very sophisticated, engineered yarn.