100% Tussah Silk "Dreadlocks" (#42-009)

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Quality: 42-009
Content: 100% Tussah Silk "Dreadlocks"
Construction: Single ply
Metres/kg: 60 (our 100g skeins are about 6m)
Yards/lb: 29.5 yd/lb.
Suggested epi: not recommended for warp
Knitting: best knit BIG; experiment with the biggest needles you have. Try finger knitting.
Country of origin: India

Price: $11.45 per skein
Skeins vary in size from 80g to 95g. Please allow for this variation.

This is the yarn that gets the most attention when seen in person. In a whole display of beautiful, luscious silk yarns, people will zoom in on this one and say, "Wow, what is THIS???" It's 100% Silk. We call it dreadlocks because that's exactly what it looks like. It's thick and glorious. It's quite firm when you get it, but it softens a bit when soaked in warm water. This is a yarn that requires imagination. Think about 3 dimensions when using this yarn - it's thick, has loads of body, and has the most intriguing texture. Make baskets with it. Wall hangings. Sculptural pieces. It's truly magnificent.

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