100% Tussah Silk Fine "Dreadlocks" (#42-010)

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Quality: 42-010
Content: 100% Tussah Silk Fine "Dreadlocks"
Construction: Single ply
Metres/kg: 880 (that's about 
Yards/lb: 435 yd/lb.
Suggested epi: not recommended for warp
Knitting: Big needles to keep the knitting open
Country of origin: India

Price: This yarn is wound into skeins in India, and the skein-sizes vary Please contact us with your requirements and we'll get as close as we can to your amount. 
The price is $11.40 per 100g.

This is the finer cousin of our 42-009. Amazing as it seems, this yarn is 100% Silk - Tussah, which has been cajoled into this wonderful yarn. It's stiff, quirky, and will add lots of texture and personality to your creative pieces. It can be woven and knitted - think about 3-dimensional pieces. Use it along the edge of a knitted piece. Incorporate it into your weaving to add body and texture.

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