2.8/1 Single 100% Silk (#42-027)

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Quality: 42-027
Content: 100% Bombyx Silk
Construction: 2.8/1 Singles
Metres/kg: 2800 (approx)
Yards/lb: 1390 (approx)
Metres per 100g skein: 280 (approx)
Suggested epi: not suggested for warp
Knitting: knit loose on bigger needles - 3.5mm+
Country of origin: India

100g skein Undyed: $13.60
Not available on cones. Please allow +/- 5g. per skein.

If you're familiar with our yarn 42-006, this yarn is similar, but slightly finer. It's a fine, even single, a beautiful quality, with a slight firmness that is quite unique. Use it for weft in weaving for thick, dimensional work, either all-over, or as single accent shots. For knitting, a densely knit piece will be firm and lustrous; a more loosely knit piece will be drapier. It's a fabulous knitting yarn. Stitchers, consider couching this yarn for dramatic punches of lustre.