20/1 Bombyx Silk with Neps - 150g cones (#10-023)

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Quality: 10-023
Content: 100% Silk with Neps
Construction: 20/1
Metres/kg: 20,000
Yards/lb: 9920
Suggested epi: not recommended for warp
Knitting: machine knit or knit along with another yarn
Country of origin: Switzerland

Price: 150g cone price: $40.50

A superfine bombyx silk with neps throughout. The neps are delicate, refined little bits of silk that add texture and character to your weaving or knitting. This yarn comes on 150g cones. That's about 3000m (3300 yards) - a perfect size for a project! It would be a great plying yarn too! We love the delicate look of this yarn and that it adds so much character with the tiny neps.