22/2 Pedencal Tussah (#41-025)

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Quality: 41-025
Content: 100% Pedencal Tussah Silk
Construction: 22/2
Units: 100g+ skeins; skein sizes vary
Metres/kg: 11000
Yards/lb: 5457
Suggested epi: 26
Knitting: fingering weight; needle size 2mm. Machine knitting
Country of origin: India

Price: $11.00/100g skein (= $5.50/50g)

Pedencal Tussah Silk is silk spun from the pedencus (foot) of the tussah cocoon. The Tussah is a wild silkworm, which means it can't be raised in captivity. Because it lives in trees, the pedencus is the little attachment the silkworm builds to attach its cocoon to a handy branch. The rich brown colour is the natural, undyed colour. The texture of this yarn is soft and a bit cotton-y. It's a superb way to introduce a soft, natural brown into your work.

Please note that this yarn is wound into skeins in its country of origin. The skein sizes vary, but are generally over 100g each. Please contact us using this form with your requirements. We will invoice your for the actual amount sent. This yarn is not available on cones, or in smaller skeins.