22/2 Pedencal Tussah (#41-025)

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Quality: 41-025
Content: 100% Pedencal Tussah Silk
Construction: 22/2
Units: 115g+/- skeins
Metres/kg: 11000
Yards/lb: 5457
Suggested epi: 26
Knitting: fingering weight; needle size 2mm. Machine knitting
Country of origin: India

Price: $11.07/90g skein (Please allow +/- 5g variation in skein size)

Pedencal Tussah Silk is silk spun from the pedencus (foot) of the tussah cocoon. The Tussah is a wild silkworm, which means it can't be raised in captivity. Because it lives in trees, the pedencus is the little attachment the silkworm builds to attach its cocoon to a handy branch. The rich brown colour is the natural, undyed colour. The texture of this yarn is soft and a bit cotton-y. It's a superb way to introduce a soft, natural brown into your work.

Please note that this yarn is wound into skeins in its country of origin. The skein sizes vary, but are generally approximately 90g each.