Madagascar, a large island off the east coast of Africa, has biodiversity unparalleled by any other place on the planet. Its isolation, which fuels this biodiversity, poses challenges to its economic growth.


SEPALI is an international NGO focused on conservation. In Madagascar, this is achieved through the re-introduction of sericulture (silk production) in rural areas in need of economic stimulation. Sericulture fills in under-utilized times of the year when other crops don’t flourish. The project was started by American PhD Catherine Craig. Not only has she been the instigator and driving force behind the project, but she continues her support by finding markets for these products. Sanjo Silk is proud to be a supporter of the SEPALI project.

In this project, the men plant trees that support silkworms, and grow the silk – tending the trees, nurturing the silkworms and collecting the cocoons. The women take these cocoons and create beautiful panels by opening the cocoons and stitching them together. With the exception of Bombyx, the silks raised in Madagascar are all indigenous species. They are not found anywhere else.


When you buy SEPALI products, you directly support the sustainability of this cottage industry in an economically-challenged part of Madagascar. You give the Malagasi people the dignity to restore a historical industry, and send their children to school, by earning fair trade prices for their stunning cocoons.

For more information about the SEPALI project, look at their website.

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