Ceranchia Cocoons, Nature Dyed (#22-040)

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Quality: 22-040
Content: 100% Ceranchia Silk Cocoons, Nature-Dyed
Construction: Lovingly spun by an industrious Ceranchia silkworm

Price: 4 Nature-dyed double cocoons per package - $15.00

These huge, amazing cocoons are from Madagascar. We support a project there that has reintroduced silk production to a region in need of sustainable, ecologically-responsible employment. The cocoons are stunning - they are double-layer. The outer layer is larger (about 3 1/2" X 2 1/4") and lacy; the inner cocoon is smaller and denser. Both are exquisite. They have been pressed flat, but can be "repuffed" by soaking in water. 

We've dyed these cocoons using Natural Dyes. Dyes used include Indigo, Lac, Logwood, Brazilwood, Marigold, Iron, Cochineal. Each package has 4 different colours. Colours may vary slightly from those in photos:
Meadow: Blue, Gold, Moss, Green
Roses: Rose, Deep Magenta, Plum, Purple
Multicolours: Plum, Purple, Blue, Gold