Dyed Silk Carrier Rods (#25-902)

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Quality: 25-902 Dyed
Content: 100% Silk Carrier Rods

Price: package of 4 casings $8.00

Although these curious items look a bit "insectoid", they aren't. They are bi-products of the silk spinning industry. Each one is unique. They're substantial, stiff and a bit beefy. They can vary in shape, size and configuration. Use them for jewelery, to embellish art pieces, or just enjoy their stunning good looks.

There are 3 colour groups.
01 Hot Colours: True Red, Orange, Cayenne, Magenta (Colours may vary and may include Wine, Caramel)
02 Cool Colours: Carbon Paper, Deep Ocean, Seaweed, Cornflower (Colours may vary and may include Deep Blue, Turquoise, Purple)
03 Neutrals: Storm Grey, Graphite, Copper Brown, Moss (Colours may vary and may include Chocolate, Cloud Grey)