Gima Stitching Bundles (#98-005)

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Quality: 98-005
Content: 100% Silk Gima

Price: package of 6 bundles  of 10 X 1.5m Gima for $32.00

Stitchers are always looking for a way to add interesting texture and blasts of colour to their work. Gima provides a great solution! Because of its flat profile, it covers a lot of subtrate "real estate" and reflects light beautifully. And it's a perfect couching yarn! Each package contains 6 colours, 10 X 1.5m lengths of each, ready for stitching. (See our Gima product page for more information about this yarn.)

The Brights:  Buttercup, Orange Juice, Magenta, Cornflower, Turquoise, Seaweed
The Darks:  Caramel, Wine, Carbon Paper, Deep Blue, Deep Ocean, Moss