Golden Muga Spin Fibre (#41-002)

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Quality: 41-002
Content: 100% Golden Muga Silk
Units: 100g bags (about 3.5 oz.)
Country of origin: India

NEW Price: 100g bag (about 3.5 oz.) $21.80

Ooh la la. This fibre is like liquid gold. Although you'll be tempted to just set it somewhere to stare at, we encourage you to spin it. You won't be sorry. Blend it with other fibres to add a soft gold caste. Please note: each time we receive a shipment of this fibre, the colour is different from the last one. It's such a natural fibre, dependent on wind, weather, available silkworm food, that it varies. If you're planning a project, be sure to buy enough to finish it; the next shipment will likely be too different to match.

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