Micro-Skeins for Stitching (#98-004)

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Quality: 98-004
Content: 100% Silk

Price: package of 12 micro-skeins  $45.00 (288m of yarn)

We've had micro-skeins of silk available in our studio shop for years. Now we have them in the Sanjo colours, which means they're now available online! The yarn is our famous 30/2 (#10-073). Each micro-skein has 24m of yarn. It's simple to cut through the skein to give you 16 X 1.5m lengths of yarn - perfect for stitching (instructions on how to cut your micro-skein are included). And each package contains 12 micro-skeins for a total of 288m of yarn.

There are 4 colour groups.
01 The Brights: Includes Ivory, Buttercup, Orange Juice, True Red, Magenta, Purple, Cornflower, Turquoise, Seaweed, and others
02 The Darks: includes Black, Caramel, Copper Brown, Cayenne, Wine, Carbon Paper, Deep Blue, Deep Ocean, Forest, Moss, and others
03 The Cool Colours:  Includes Purple, Cornflower, Turquoise, Seaweed, Moss, Forest, Deep Ocean, Deep Blue, Carbon Paper and others
04 The Warm Colours:  Includes Ivory, Buttercup, Orange Juice, True Red, Magenta, Wine, Cayenne, Copper Brown Caramel and others