Monochrome Micro-skeins (#98-006)

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Quality: 98-006
Content: 100% Silk

Price: package of 12 micro-skeins  $45.00 (288m of yarn)

Have you ever wished you had a range of shades and tints of a colour to add depth and definition to your work? We've put together groups of monocrhome colours to help with this. Each package is unique; they vary from one to the next according to which shades/tints we have. Sometimes you'll get 2 of a shade/tint. You'll always get a stunning range of monochromes.

Micro-skeins are 24m lengths of beautiful silk yarn, dyed in deep rich colours. The yarn is our famous 30/2 (#10-073). Each package contains 12 micro-skeins for a total of 288m of yarn. Colours may vary from those shown in the photographs.

We have a limited supply of these groups, and when they're gone, they're gone. So don't delay if you think these work for your project! If the selection dropdown says we're out of stock, we hope you'll have a second choice ready.