Monochrome Micro-skeins (#98-006)

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Quality: 98-006
Content: 100% Silk

Price: package of 12 micro-skeins  $40.00 (288m of yarn)

Have you ever wished you had a range of shades and tints of a colour to add depth and definition to your work? We've put together 3 groups of monocrhome colours to help with this. Each package is unique; they vary from one to the next according to which shades/tints we have. Sometimes you'll get 2 of a shade/tint. You'll always get a stunning range of monochromes.

Micro-skeins are 24m lengths of beautiful silk yarn, dyed in deep rich colours. The yarn is our famous 30/2 (#10-073). Each package contains 12 micro-skeins for a total of 288m of yarn.

There are 3 colour groups:  Grey, Brown and Blue.
Please note: We are temporarily out of stock of the Grey colour group. Stay tuned!