Paper Yarn (30-501)

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Quality: 30-501
Content: 100% Paper (Manila Hemp)
Construction: 4mm strip
Units: 50g skeins
Metres per kg: 12,500
Yards per pound: 6,200
Suggested epi: Not recommended for warp
Knitting: BIG needles for loose knitting
Country of origin: Japan

Price: 50g skeins $9.50

This is paper, but it's surprisingly strong. You can knit it and then wash it gently and it's beautiful. The rustling sound it makes is otherworldly. Weave it into your weft for crispness and space. Knit it together with something unexpected, like mohair or lumpy silk for something dazzling. It's a superb counterpoint to the soft, drapey silks. A little goes a long way. Although these skeins don't weigh much, there's lots of yardage.