Pedencal Tussah Spin Fibre (#41-022)

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Quality: 41-022
Content: 100% Pedencal Tussah Silk
Units: 100g bags (about 3.5 oz.)
Country of origin: India

Price: 100g bag (about 3.5 oz.) $16.50

This is the most unusual spinning fibre we've ever encountered. It looks like pewter in fibre form. It has a stunning luster, and the brownish-grey colour is breathtaking. Pedencal tussah is fibre from the pedencus (foot) of the cocoon, which is the little appendage the silkworm makes to attach itself to a tree branch (go to Tussah Cocoons to see this appendage). Like all tussah spinning fibre, this one has "tooth" that makes it easy to spin. It's a rare and spectacular spinning fibre.

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