Peduncle Noil Spin Fibre (#42-013)

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Quality: 42-013
Content: 100% Peduncle Tussah Noil Silk
Construction: Spin Fibre Roving
Units: 100g bags (about 3.5 oz.)
Country of origin: India

Price: 100g bag (about 3.5 oz.) $12.60

You may be familiar with our exceptional Peduncle Spin Fibre. This is the "noil" version of that fibre. The staple length is shorter, the fibre is loftier, and it's terrific for blending. The brownish-grey colour is very unusual, and is natural - it's the result of what the tussah silkworm eats, and what part of the cocoon it comes from. It adds a beautiful browny-pewter colour to your fibre blend. Like all tussah spinning fibre, this one has quite a lot of "tooth".

Please note: If you order 300g or more, we will package it in one bag (rather than multiple 100g bags). If you'd prefer 100g bags, please let us know in the message part of the checkout.