Peduncle Tussah Thick Singles (#42-017)

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Quality: 42-017
Content: 100% Peduncle Tussah
Construction: Heavy Singles
Units: Skeins are variable sizes
Metres/kg: 1500
Yards/lb: 745
Suggested epi: Not recommended for warp
Knitting: 3.5mm needles for a dense fabric; larger needles for looser fabric
Country of origin: India

Price: Skeins are hand-wound in villages in India, and are therefore variable. Isn't this delightful?! We will always send you the biggest skein we have in your chosen size category.
Small skein: between 100 and 119g. - $15.75
Medium skein: between 120 and 139g - $18.50
Large skein: between 140 and 160g - $21.25

Peduncle tussah is the stem part of the tussah cocoon (see Tussah cocoons). This thick, luscious yarn is perfect for tapestry or knitting. The soft brown is the natural colour - no dye has been used. It's a gentle slightly greyed brown.