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Quality: 22-008
8.5 X 11" sheets

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Individual cocoons are stitched together at our Madagascar project. Our most popular size is this 8.5 X 11" sheet, which is about the size of a piece of letter-sized paper. They come in several cocoon types; with the exception of Bombyx, all cocoons are from silkworms indigenous to Madagascar:

- Ceranchia Solid - Spectacular gold colour. These sheets are made with the denser inner layer of the 2-layer Ceranchia cocoon.
- Ceranchia Lacy - These sheets are made from the outer layer of the 2-layer Ceranchia cocoon.
- Argema - these fascinating cocoons have colour variations from creamy white, to softest pink, to golden tan. They have tiny holes, which give them a unique surface texture
- Bombyx - this domesticated, creamy white silk is available from many parts of the world. Only in Madagascar are they stitched together into these wonderful sheets.
- Borocera - the surface of these cocoons is more matte, and a bit papery-feeling. The colours vary from soft tan to darker tan-brown.
- Suraka - this is the Dark Horse of our Madagascar cocoon offering. The colour is a deep, rich brown, and the texture is quite lacy.