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Quality: 30-021 Uneven Spun Silk Slub
Content: 100% Bombyx Silk
Construction: 8/2 uneven spun
Metres/kg: 8,000
Yards/lb: 4,000
Suggested epi: Not recommended for warp
Knitting: fine laceweight; suggested needle size: 2mm+, depending on density desired
Country of origin: Japan

Price: 50g skein Undyed: $25.40 (+/- 2gm)
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The uneven spin on this yarn is the whole message. It's a super-lustrous silk 2-Ply, where the plies have been spun unevenly. When the plies are twisted together, the unevenness is exaggerated, giving the yarn a unique, slightly rustic appearance. "Luxuriously rustic"! We don't recommend a yarn that is partially loosely spun for use in the warp, but fill your weft with it for a unique, unexpected texture. And the lustre will take your breath away. For knitting, it's a fine yarn for those cobweb projects. Or consider running it alongside another yarn to lend character and dimension.