Silk Kibiso (#10-903)

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Quality: 10-903 Undyed
Content: 100% Silk Kibiso
Construction: ??? A bit like Shreddies...

Price: 100g package (+/- 5g) $10.00

We're not sure what to call this, or where to categorize this... Yes, it's 100% Silk Kibiso, which is the outer part of the bombyx cocoon, the less refined part. But unlike our 19-001 this fibre is not a continuous yarn. It's a bit like Excelsior, which is the woody fibre used in Easter baskets, but this is 100% Silk. It's a nest of fibre, unprocessed, stiff, and lofty. It takes dye spectacularly, and we're really excited to see what you do with it! It most certainly doesn't come with instructions! Also available in handpainted colours!

Check out our video below to get a sense of this fibre's character.

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