Silk + Wool 30/3 (#20-055)

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Quality: 20-055
Content: 50% Silk 50% Merino Wool
Construction: 30/3
Units: 50g skeins
Metres/kg: 10000
Yards/lb: 4960
Metres per 50g skein: 500
Suggested epi: 24
Knitting: superfine cobweb; machine knitting
Country of origin: Italy

50g. skein Undyed: $12.95
Cone price: 250g cone $56.00
For a limited time, cones are on sale. Go to this page.

Italian-made Silk+Wool blend in a perfect weight! Not too heavy, not too fine - this 30/3 is a yarn we had many years ago, and people-in-the-know are still asking for it. We've managed to secure a limited supply of it; it's available in 50g skeins, and perfect little 250g cones.

Get it while it's available! And it's an amazing price!