Silk+Wool Handspun (#42-004)

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Quality: 42-004
Content: 50% Bombyx Silk + 50% Wool
Construction: Recycled Sari Silk + Wool handspun
Units: skeins, (they vary between 99 and 106g)
Metres/kg: 530 (just over 5g per metre)
Yards/lb: 263
Suggested epi: not recommended for warp
Knitting: Makes a heavy, textural fabric; recommended needle size: 4mm and up, depending on knitting tension desired
Country of origin: India

Price: $8.80/skein (between 99 and 106g)
This yarn is not available on cones.

The blend of 50% Recycled Sari Silk and 50% Wool is rare and unusual in the yarn world. The wool and the silk are not blended before handspinning, so along its length it varies between being visibly silk or visibly wool - crazy unique! Enjoy the texture and weight of this yarn. It is handspun, and handwound into skeins. Due to the super-slow, hands-on nature of this yarn, expect variation in skein sizes.