Silk+Wool+Linen Handspun (#42-019)

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Quality: 42-019
Content: 60% Bombyx Silk 20% Wool 20% Linen
Construction: Textural Handspun
Units: Skeins are variable sizes
Metres/kg: 1800
Yards/lb: 880
Suggested epi: Not recommended for warp
Knitting: 4mm needles for a dense fabric; larger needles for looser fabric
Country of origin: India

Price: Each skein is individually and lovingly hand-wound in it's village of origin, and the sizes are variable. We will always send you the biggest skein we have in your chosen size category.
Small skein: between 185 and 199g. - $19.10
Medium skein: between 200 and 224g - $21.55

Texture Plus! This handspun yarn is a blend of 3 natural fibres, each with its own character - Sillk for heavy drape and lustre, Wool for matte finish and spring, and Linen for slight crispness. It's a crazy combination that makes a sensational yarn! Perfect for knitting or tapestry, or for using in the weft of your loom-weaving. Please note that due to the rustic nature of this yarn, you may find occasional tiny bits of coloured fibre spun into it.