Throwster Silk 27/2 (#42-020)

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Quality: 42-020
Content: 100% Bombyx Throwster Silk
Construction: 27/2 handspun
Units: Skeins are variable sizes.
Metres/kg: 13,500
Yards/lb: 6,700
Suggested epi: not recommended for warp
Knitting: Cobweb; recommended needle size: 2mm. Suitable for cobweb and lace knitting
Country of origin: India

Price: Each skein is individually and lovingly hand-wound in it's village of origin, and the sizes are variable. We will always send you the biggest skein we have in your chosen size category. Also, please note that the skeins are often bundled in pairs, so for the weight indicated, you may have 2 skeins twisted together.
Skeins are between 100 and 120g. - $14.25
Please allow this variation in the skein size.

This yarn is not available on cones.

Throwster silk is upcycled bombyx silk, similar to sari silk. It's more rustic and textural than regularly processed bombyx silk. Expect it to have more surface fibre and neps. Also expect it to add dimension and visual interest to your work. This yarn, a 27/2, is the "well-bred cousin" of the Throwster family. Substitute it in where you might use 30/2 spun silk to make the finished fabric more rustic. Or alternate bands for a new look!