WORKSHOP Exploring the Colour Wheel with Wool/Silk Blends (#51-001)

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Learn from Kim McKenna! Work with colour and silk in a 6-hour interactive online workshop.

When: Saturday June 12, 2021
Time: 10am - 4:30pm
Workshop Fee: $125.00
Registration: Although the deadline has passed, we may be able to get you into the class. Please email us. If there's enough time to get the class materials to you, we will register you manually.

What could be better, than a day spent learning how to work with colour and silk! This 6 hour on-line Zoom workshop is being hosted by Sanjo Silk and The Silk Weaving Studio on Granville Island, B.C. 
This class is for adventuresome souls. The colourway package you receive (the colour wheel has been divided into thirds) will be luck of the draw as we are not able to accommodate special requests for colours.
In the morning Kim will help you navigate the murky waters of colour theory; teaching you how to use your blending board and/or hand cards to create an array of tints, tones and shades. Once you have the basics of colour theory under your belt, we move onto blending wool with mulberry and non-mulberry silks. Kim will explain how to use your equipment to create the smoothest blends possible and how to choose which silks to blend with which wools for rolags and sliver.
In the afternoon we will take a look at everyone’s colour explorations and the lovely wool/silk blends they have turned into rolags and/or sliver. Finally, you get to take your fibre preparations to the wheel and see how they spin up  while Kim helps you hone your spinning technique.
Skill Level: Students should be able to spin a continuous yarn.

Price: $125 workshop fee includes materials supplied in the workshop which (value: $55.00) and include approximately 200 grams dyed-in-the-wool Merino and 100 grams of mulberry and non-mulberry silks. 
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