Spin Sample Boxes (#98-002)

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Item: 98-002

Price $22.00 each

You've been dying to try spinning silk, but you don't know the characteristics of the different silks, or the blends. Or perhaps you'd like to experiment with blending silk with other fibres. Well, these 2 sample boxes are for you! Each box contains 4 different spinning fibres, 25 grams of each. That's enough fibre to give you a chance to give each a good try.

Box A contains 25 grams each Bombyx sliver, Tussah sliver, Muga sliver, and 50% Silk 50% Wool sliver

Box B contains 25 grams each Bombyx sliver, Muga sliver, 50% Silk 50% Camel blend sliver, 65% Silk 35% Linen blend sliver