The Wool n' Spinning SpinBox (#98-007)

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Item: 98-007
The Wool n' Spinning SpinBox

Price $24.00 each

If you're a spinner and you don't follow the Wool n' Spinning blog or podcast, perhaps you should rethink that! Rachel Smith broadcasts weekly to fibre artists, especially those with a spinning focus.

Sanjo has put together a special spin sample box for Wool n' Spinning subscribers. Even if you're not a subscriber, you can get in on this special package! This spin box contains approximately 25g each of 4 fibres:
- 100% Bombyx Silk roving
- 100% Golden Muga roving
- 100% White Eri roving
- 65% Cashmere 35% Bombyx Silk loose fibre (for blending)

If you've always wanted to try spinning silk, here's a chance to try 3 silks and one silk blend. Each box contains about 25g of each fibre, enough to give it a good test. Rachel Smith of Wool n' Spinning will be talking about these fibres in an upcoming podcast, so stay tuned for tips and tricks on how to spin these unique silk fibres.