10/1 Tussah/Noil Fleck on cones (#20-090Cone)

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Quality: 20-090
Content: 100% Tussah and Noil Silk
Construction: 10/1
Metres/kg: 10000
Yards/lb: 4960
Suggested epi: not recommended for warp
Knitting: very fine laceweight
Country of origin: Italy

Now available in 500g cones: $146.00

This is a favourite yarn at Sanjo. It's a tussah yarn with lots of delicious lumps and bits of noil spun into it. It has a warm, neutral colour, and it's spectacular both woven and knitted. For weaving, we recommend using it only in the weft. Superfine hand-knitted into character lace, or machine knitted, or knitted along with another yarn to add texture and subtle colour.

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