100% Hemp Knotted Handspun (#43-002)

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Quality: 43-002
Content: 100% Hemp
Construction: Handspun, hand-stripped singles; Knotted
Units: 53g skeins
Metres/kg: N/A
Yards/lb: N/A
Suggested epi: Not recommended for warp
Knitting: open knitting suggested - needles 3.5mm or larger
Country of origin: Nepal

Price: 53g skein $13.04
Average skein size is 53 grams. Please allow +/- 2 grams.

Every now and then we make an exception to the "silk only" rule, when we think something is this amazing. This hand-made (from start to finish) yarn comes to us from Nepal. It is very natural, with very little processing. It is the same yarn as #43-001, but it is hand-knotted (or should we say "foot-knotted"; see photo). There is a knot in the yarn approximately every 1.5". Think of it for knitting net bags, or for 3-dimensional work. It has loads of body and dyes beautifully. See #43-003 for the bleached version of this yarn.We are very pleased to be supporting this handwork group in Nepal.