12/2 Silk Jet Black - 620g cones (#10-017/01)

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Quality: 10-017/01
Content: 100% Bombyx Silk (spun)
Construction: 12/2 Singles
Metres/kg: 6000
Yards/lb: 2970
Suggested epi: 18
Knitting: fingering weight; suggested needle size: 2.0mm or smaller
Country of origin: Switzerland


 620g cones of Black 10-017 Regular price per cone is $279.00
Cones are 620g each +/- 10g.

Using 12/2 as the basis of your weaving yields a medium-weight, drapey fabric. It has a lux weightiness that you can feel when you wear it. This one is mill-dyed in a true Jet Black. It makes a dazzling contrast to virtually any colour. The cones are 620g +/- 10g.