30/2 Golden Muga Silk (#40-034)

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Quality: 40-034 
Content: 100% Golden Muga Silk
Construction: 30/2
Units: 50g skeins/750 metres (820 yards) +/-5g
Metres/kg: 15000
Yards/lb: 7440
Suggested epi: 30 epi
Knitting: Machine knitting.  
Country of origin: India

Price: 50g skein Undyed Price: $23.50 (+/- 2gm)

We're very pleased to be able to offer you our rare and gorgeous Golden Muga Silk in a 30/2 construction. The 30/2 gives you a very lovely, fine woven cloth, used in both warp and weft. It is medium-lightweight - light enough to produce a fine, lustrous cloth, but heavy enough to be easy to work with. It is strong and very, very lovely. Finally you can create your fine handwovens in this spectacular colour!

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