Attacus Cocoon Sheets (#27-002)

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Quality: 27-002
Content: 100% Attacus Silk Cocoons
Construction: Individual cocoons fused together
Country of Origin: Indonesia

Dimensions: 19 X 30"/50 X 76cm
Price: 5 grams: $64.00

The Attacus is reputed to be the world’s biggest silkworm, which means it makes the world’s biggest cocoons! These gorgeous sheets are the result of fusing together carefully arranged cocoons. The colours vary within the sheet, from medium soft brown to a darker brown. They can be gently handwashed; any more aggressive agitation is discouraged to sustain the integrity of the sheet. Consider them for art projects, as tableware, screens, or just to hang on the wall. Their texture and colour variation are so very lovely. The third image in our product photos shows how beautiful the variable density of the sheets is when backlit, as you might see in a screen or window covering.

Sanjo Silk is thrilled to be supporting an Indonesian project that is humanitarian, ecologically sustainable and protects and fosters indigenous silkworm species. The Indonesian Royal Family developed this project to help its citizens, through livelihood and pride, to create sustainable, renewable, beautiful products. The project is recognized by the United Nations for its sustainable development and good practices.