Cricula Cocoon Sheets (#27-003)

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Quality: 27-003
Content: 100% Cricula Silk Cocoons
Construction: Individual cocoons fused together
Country of Origin: Indonesia

Dimensions: 20 X 31"/51 X 79cm
Price: $59.00

We've provided you with Cricula cocoons for years now, and we're so excited to be able to now supply Cricula Cocoon Sheets! These are sheets produced by opening out the cocoons and fusing them together. The result is a sheet of otherworldly gold, gently textured, ready for your creative input. We've seen them used as window covering, in bookbinding, appliqued, pinched, pleated and incorporated into countless beautiful things. They also look stunning simply hung on a wall. 

Sanjo Silk is thrilled to be supporting an Indonesian project that is humanitarian, ecologically sustainable and protects and fosters indigenous silkworm species. The Indonesian Royal Family developed this project to help its citizens, through livelihood and pride, to create sustainable, renewable, beautiful products. The project is recognized by the United Nations for its sustainable development and good practices.