Double Layer Cotton Gauze Fabric (#18-008)

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Product: 18-008
Fabric: 100% Cotton
Undyed Ivory
Width: 48" (122 cm.)
Country of origin: Japan

Price: $16.50 per metre
(in the shopping cart below, '1' represents one metre; we sell this fabric in full metres)

Double-layer cotton gauze is a Japanese fabric. It is widely used in women's, men's and children's clothing, and is particularly popular in spring, summer and autumn for its breathability, but also in winter for its cocooning qualities. Double gauze is now used in all sectors: household linen, accessories and decoration

Double gauze fabric is usually made from cotton, and it’s essentially two plies of thin woven materials that are basted together. The result is a very lightweight material with tiny air pockets throughout making it very breathable.

Sanjo’s is a light weight cotton fabric and lovely for garments. It dyes beautifully. It can be used ironed or left “crinkly” for a textured look.

An order of 30m of one fabric qualifies for a 30% discount. Contact us on this form.