Flights of Fancy Event - Eri Silk (#51-010)

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Flights of Fancy - Eri Silk
Kim McKenna presents a talk and demonstration about Eri Silk!
Once again, Sanjo has partnered with OFive Rare Tea Bar to provide tea pairings!

When: Saturday May 4, 2024
Time: 9:30 to 11:30 
Workshop Fee: $96.00
Registration: Registration is on Eventbrite
Class size is limited to 12 participants.
Registration closes on April 30, 2024

Price: $96.00

Kim McKenna, our Master Spinner, is offering an event in May teaching and demonstrating about the unique qualities of Eri Silk. Originally Eri Silk was a matte fibre that resembled cotton when spun and woven. This fibre is still widely available (and you'll receive 15g of it in your materials package).  But we're now able to source a very refined, lustrous Eri Silk that creates a yarn that straddles the cotton/silk fence (you'll also receive 25g of this beautiful fibre). Kim will show slides to teach about this amazing silkworm and the silk it creates. She'll demonstrate the necessary skills for successfully spinning Eri. With your generous package of Eri fibre, this workshop will give you the tools to spin with confidence.

Materials Package includes:  a Sanjo Eri Silk Kit (retail cost $55) containing 100 grams of eri silk (handpainted by Diana Sanderson), 25 grams of the traditional matte eri silk (42-026), 25grams of lustrous white eri (40-025), an eri cocoon, a 20% discount coupon for fibre and yarn purchases at the Silk Weaving Studio on May 4, 2024, two 15 gram sampler packages of O5 Tea, and a QR code for a 15% discount on your next purchase of 05 Tea.

For complete event information see the  The Silk Weaving Studio website and the Eventbrite page.
Please note that registration ends Apr 15, so avoid disappointment by registering early!