Gold Cricula Cocoons (#27-021)

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Quality: 27-021
Content: 100% Cricula Silk
Construction: Lovingly spun by an industrious Cricula silkworm

Price: 5 grams: $7.00
     25g: $$25.00
     250g $180.00
5g is a large handful; see photo.

These cocoons are so very unique. They are not a contained vessel, like the Bombyx  or Tussah cocoons. Instead, they are lacey caps that the silkworm attaches to a tree branch. The beautiful golden colour is the natural colour. It's the sericin that is this colour; the silk is a pale yellow. These cocoons do not spin well. They are at their most beautiful in this natural form. Tip: You can soak your cricula cocoons in water (with a dash of pH neutral soap); reshape them, enhancing their dome shape with your fingers; let them dry. Or iron them flat for use in 2D projects.

Sanjo Silk is thrilled to be supporting an Indonesian project that is humanitarian, ecologically sustainable and protects and fosters indigenous silkworm species. The Indonesian Royal Family developed this project to help its citizens, through livelihood and pride, to create sustainable, renewable, beautiful products. The project is recognized by the United Nations for its sustainable development and good practices.

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