Handpainted Gima (#30-009P)

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Quality: 30-009P
Content: Handpainted 100% Bombyx Silk 
Metres/kg: 6000
Yards/lb: 2985
Suggested epi: Can be used for warp; sett determined by weaver
Knitting: fingering weight; suggested needle size: 3.75mm
Country of origin: Japan

Price: 25gram skein (+ or - 2gm)  $17.00

Gima is a unique yarn, and handpainting makes it even more so. It comprises a group of singles that are somewhat "glued" together to form a flat ribbon-like yarn. It reflects light in a most enchanting way. It has a lot of body, which softens a wee bit as the bond within the group relaxes. It's very cool knit, and provides texture and light for weaving.

Handpainted skeins are by their nature individual - they vary slightly from skein to skein. Please plan your project with this in mind.