Handpainted Silk Mawata (#25-031)

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Quality: 25-031P
Content: Handpainted 100% Bombyx Silk Mawatas (Silk Hankies)
Country of origin: Japan

Price: 50g. pkg  $26.00 (please allow +/- 5g)

Handpainted Silk Hankies, or Mawatas as they're known in Japan, are truly magic. You can stretch them out and incorporate them into your felting. You can spin them directly from the hanky. These Mawata are handpainted, which makes them even more special.  Only a silkworm could spin a cocoon that could be stretched out into this shape. Aren't they amazing? Each package contains 50g of the diaphanous Mawatas. This batch comes to us directly from Japan, and the quality is breathtaking.

Our Master Spinner Kim McKenna shares her technique for thigh-spinning Mawata. See it here.

The handpainting technique means that every package is slightly different, so please plan your project accordingly.