Handpainted Silk Wool 12/3 (#10-056P)

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Quality: 10-056P
Content: Handpainted 50% Bombyx Silk 50% Merino Wool 
Construction: 12/3
Units: 50g skein
M/kg: 4,000
Yd/lb: 1,985
Country of origin: Switzerland

Price: 50g. skein $21.90 (+/- 2gm)

Tap into our perfect knitting yarn, made more unique by being handpainted! (See our 10-056 page for details about this yarn.) Handpainted yarns give your work vitality and visual individuality. Consider combining handpainted Silk+Wool with solid colours. This yarn fulls when washed with soap, hot water and agitation, so plan to use it for those projects that rely on fulling to provide that unique texture. This yarn is an all-round winner.

Handpainted yarns are, by their nature, individual - they vary slightly from skein to skein. Please plan your project with this in mind.