Handwoven Tassar Silk Shawl (#40-601)

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Quality: 40-601
Content: 100% Tassar Silk
Construction: Handwoven Shawl
Country of Origin: India

Dimensions: 29 X 84"/74 X 213cm
Price: $110.00

This lovely handwoven shawl came across our radar. Normally we would say, "We weave our own things. Why would we want to sell goods that are already woven?" Well, we'd want to do that because we can provide you with a well-priced, beautiful piece that can be worn as-is, or embellished, stitched, dyed, shibori-dyed, etc. etc. The texture is thin and crisp, and because it's tassar, it has some gentle texture. The darker brown parts of the yarn add dimension and richness to the finished shawl. Or is it finished......?