Mohair Silk (#30-603)

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Mohair Silk

Quality: 30-603
Content: 60% Mohair 40% Silk
Construction: 12/1
Metres/kg: 12000
Yards/lb: 5960
Metres per 50g skein: 600
Suggested epi: 14 (plain weave)
Knitting: cobweb; suggested needle size: 3.0mm+; use big needles to allow lots of space for the halo to bloom
Country of origin: Japan

50g skein Undyed: $22.75;
50g skein Mill-dyed Black: $27.75

Cone prices: Undyed $420.00/kg. (only Undyed available on cones)
Cones sizes are generally 500g (about 1 lb.)

The crazy-soft halo of this yarn leaves people a bit speechless. If angels were disguised as yarn, this would be the one. Not much of a disguise... The mohair "fluff" is long and regular giving the resulting fabric loft, warmth and luxurious softness. When knit with large needles, a little of this yarn goes a long way. 
Also available in glorious colour.

If you'd like to order this yarn on cones, send your request on this form.

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