Red Eri Silk Cocoons (40-903)

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Quality: 40-903
Content: 100% Red Eri Silk Cocoons
Construction: spun with great industry by a wild Red Eri silkworm

Price: Bag of 10 cocoons $10.00
50g (approx 50 cocoons) $40.00
250g  $130.00

Red Eri is a spectacular silkworm that spins a cocoon that is a deep orange-copper colour. This gorgeous colour is the sericin, the slightly gummy substance the silkworm extrudes, which holds the cocoon together.  Red Eri is a wild silkworm - it feeds outdoors and is harvested from the forests in which it feeds. Each cocoon has been cut and the pupa removed. Although you can't reel these cocoons, they are infinitely spinnable.  

We've washed these cocoons before they're sent to you. Be aware that further washing will release some of the orange colour from the cocoons. Wash them gently in warm water and pH neutral soap, rinse gently, and lay on a towel to dry. When the cocoons are wet, they are somewhat malleable and shapeable. If you'd like to learn more about the colour of Red Eri, see our information sheet.