Silk Linen 30/2 (#10-207)

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Quality: 10-207
Content: 65% Silk 35% Linen
Construction: 30/2
Metres/kg: 15000
Yards/lb: 7440
Suggested epi: 30 (plain weave)
Knitting: machine knitting or cobweb lace knitting; needle size 2.0mm or smaller
Country of origin: Switzerland

50g skein Undyed: $16.90
Undyed cone price; 600g (please allow +/- 10g): $181.80

This is such a lovely yarn. It has a high silk content, so its drape is soft rather than crisp. The linen has longish random bast fibres that give the finished product a unique appearance. When dyed with acid dyes, the linen "tints" rather than being dyed, so the result is a lovely, heathered colour. See our complete colour range in this yarn.